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# GoBlog
This repository contains the code for GoBlog, my own blogging system. I created it because I was tired of all the workarounds to customize Hugo and other blog systems to my needs.
The goals of GoBlog are:
- Minimalism
- Performance
- Flexibility
- IndieWeb
To configure GoBlog, take a look at the `example-config.yml` file and save your configuration to `config\config.yml`. How to install and run GoBlog is explained in the [docs](docs/
Administration paths:
- Login: `/login`
- Logout: `/logout`
- Editor: `/editor` (prefixed with the blog path)
- Notifications: `/notifications`
- Webmentions: `/webmention`
- Comments: `/comment`
How to install and run (and other useful information about) GoBlog is explained in the [docs](

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theme: jekyll-theme-cayman
theme: jekyll-theme-cayman
title: GoBlog
description: Simple blogging system written in Go
is_project_page: false

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# Administration paths
Most settings can be adjusted via the configuration. But to create new posts, log in or out, see notifications or check webmentions there are fixed (partly configurable) paths:
- Login: `/login`
- Logout: `/logout`
- Notifications: `/notifications`
- Webmentions: `/webmention`
- Comments: `/comment`
Some paths are blog-relative, so they must be appended to the blog path:
- Editor: `/editor`

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# GoBlog
With GoBlog [I]( created my own blogging system, because it was too much work for me to implement all my ideas with already existing system. GoBlog is a dynamic blogging system, but inspired by Hugo, it has goals like performance and flexibility. It also implements many IndieWeb functionalities like Webmentions or IndieAuth to use your own blog as an identity on the internet.
License: MIT License
Main repository:
GitHub mirror:
Codeberg mirror:
More information about GoBlog:
- [How to install and run GoBlog](./
- [How to build GoBlog](./
- [Administration paths](./