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package main
import (
func Test_AddReplyTitleAndContext(t *testing.T) {
app := createMicropubTestEnv(t)
bc := app.cfg.Blogs[app.cfg.DefaultBlog]
bc.addReplyContext = true
bc.addReplyTitle = true
fhc := newFakeHttpClient()
app.httpClient = fhc.Client
fhc.setFakeResponse(http.StatusOK, `
<title>Microformats Entry Example</title>
<article class=h-entry>
<h1 class=p-name>My First Microformats Post</h1>
<div class=e-content>
<p>This is the main content of my post. It can contain <a href=#>links</a>, <strong>bold</strong> text, and more.</div>
err := app.createPost(&post{
Path: "/testpost",
Parameters: map[string][]string{
"replylink": {"https://example.com"},
Content: "Test",
require.NoError(t, err)
p, err := app.getPost("/testpost")
require.NoError(t, err)
assert.Equal(t, "My First Microformats Post", p.firstParameter("replytitle"))
assert.Equal(t, "This is the main content of my post. It can contain links, bold text, and more.", p.firstParameter("replycontext"))