Minimal URL shortener
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GoShort is a simple URL shortener written in Go. It's minimal and only uses a simple SQLite database in the background.


Configuration can be done with a simple config.{json|yaml|toml} file in the working directory or a subdirectory config.

These are the required config values:

  • password: Password to create, update or delete short links
  • shortUrl: The short base URL (without trailing slash!)
  • defaultUrl: The default URL to which should be redirected when no slug is specified

These are optional config values:

  • dbPath: Relative path where the database should be saved

See the example-config.yaml file for an example configuration.


The preferred authentication method is Basic Authentication. If you try to create, modify or delete a short link, in the browser a popup will appear asking for username and password. Enter just the password you configured. Alternatively you can append a URL query parameter password with your configured password.


You can either create, update or delete short links using a browser by entering the short URL and the path for the method. Or you can make a HTTP POST request with the parameters.

  • Create a new short link: /s
    • url: URL to shorten
    • (optional) slug: the preferred slug
  • Update a short link: /u
    • slug: slug to update
    • new: new long URL
  • Delete a short link: /d
    • slug: slug to delete


GoShort is licensed under the MIT license, so you can do basically everything with it, but nevertheless, please contribute your improvements to make GoShort better for everyone. See the LICENSE file.