74 Commits (5bac6cf0f1c2e9621607eba364fa9a70a3d411a1)

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  Jan-Lukas Else 5bac6cf0f1 Update dependencies 7 months ago
  Jan-Lukas Else ee68238f30 Revert "Simplify image compression" 9 months ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 0f2ac430ce Simplify image compression 9 months ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 05e6f383c2 Remove Telegram 9 months ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 22355825ed Update dependencies 9 months ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 491ce51bd4 Add alternative way to add image alt text 9 months ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 7cbaf6ad31 Remove webmentions 9 months ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 9aebddd251 Update dependencies 10 months ago
  Jan-Lukas Else ed21c00622 Remove CDN purgin 11 months ago
  Jan-Lukas Else c0c480c660 Update dependencies 11 months ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 0292344035 Fix BunnyCDN media upload 11 months ago
  Jan-Lukas Else ce0baf0086 Return post location with cache bypass 11 months ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 79b28111f5 Add drone CI 12 months ago
  Jan-Lukas Else e716188dff Remove sending of webmentions 12 months ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 8a72be6fc2 Improvements 12 months ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 580724e9f9 Prevent empty commits and webmention spam 12 months ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 09e3b77453 Use two more references 12 months ago
  Jan-Lukas Else cfc8911b77 Use mutex for file operations 12 months ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 9027f6734b Add support for series 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else d747ceddf3 Add support for deleted mentions 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 7c1e6baa3f Upgrades 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else cbf53ccb23 Use yaml for config, build filename and slug using configurable templates 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 442395a83c Simplify config request 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 0faf4c8e39 Use simple http request to send Telegram message 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 686a53707d Improve and refactor code that generates hugo post file 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 4997f1092e Remove source query, simplify code 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 7e819f4017 Support alternative text for photos 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else f4bac41d11 Fix 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 82d9057b10 Changes 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 0ee80b3798 Add Jsonpub hook 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else af67b7ebbb Boost instead of Post on Microblog.pub when ActivityStreams configured 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 126db98c64 Scale down images to 2000 with Tinify 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 1fb3f28aea low case file extension 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 9ca7da9ae5 Add support for image compression 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 962818c931 Add support for images and audio 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 108571ac15 Update sleep timers 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 85adb26acd Fix panic 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 2872afbc28 Add support for posting German posts 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else fb76567cef Tweak link filtering when sending Webmention 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 1c3cc6480f Make Media Storage optional 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else f71738cde4 Allow empty content 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 2136265825 Fix mediaendpoint auth 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 9a41fb90b9 Accept webmention without trailing slash when blogUrl has it 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 102f555cbc Add support for bookmark-of 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 5ecada8f54 Improve extension handling for uploaded files 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 1556bd5128 Use hash as file name to de-duplicate uploads 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 222afd3957 Add Media Endpoint support 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 35770cecc9 Add some testing 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 1026a3b2af Add Telegram notification for webmentions 1 year ago
  Jan-Lukas Else a7b987cca2 More refactoring 1 year ago