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  Jan-Lukas Else 6a0eda2184 Update + get rid of a few dependencies 9 hours ago
  Jan-Lukas Else dafcace8db cache path redirects and improve regexredirects 10 hours ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 9c0dd8155b Don't show draft-taxonomies 10 hours ago
  Jan-Lukas Else c73e53ce3c Add config option to enable redirect to random post 1 day ago
  Jan-Lukas Else c54dfad1df Add a basic Readme 2 days ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 89b48b1d37 One editor per blog 4 days ago
  Jan-Lukas Else f3744227e1 Fix login title 6 days ago
  Jan-Lukas Else e0ad125d93 Fix middleware for drafts 6 days ago
  Jan-Lukas Else d1850300e5 Drafts 6 days ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 55902a2de9 Fix group strings (with umlauts...) 1 week ago
  Jan-Lukas Else fae7893f0b Add Cache-Control header for static files 1 week ago
  Jan-Lukas Else abe1f39ea4 Disable cache for static and media files, serve template assets directly from memory 1 week ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 5343826ec9 Fix 1 week ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 4c87a95e73 Local media storage 1 week ago
  Jan-Lukas Else b2c618f300 Fix 1 week ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 8c73686a6f Improve Cache 1 week ago
  Jan-Lukas Else f1d3fd6ad9 Improve Cache 1 week ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 0fba6ddfeb Add missing German translations 1 week ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 37f36678b2 Add blog stats with posts per year 2 weeks ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 7979fc3ef3 Fix table CSS 2 weeks ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 2453ed1964 Remove unneeded meta element 2 weeks ago
  Jan-Lukas Else c24238fb0b Update Emojilib 3 weeks ago
  Jan-Lukas Else a34dc887b0 Add archives for months and months + days 3 weeks ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 93cebc32ae Update dependencies 3 weeks ago
  Jan-Lukas Else efce703f33 Add config for short domains 4 weeks ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 9e4a03549f Improve error rendering 4 weeks ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 59388e8654 Just remove the favicon for now 4 weeks ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 386b75f237 h-feed 4 weeks ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 818a1c23c2 Use static home page 4 weeks ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 315fb575cb Don't render absolute links on HTML post pages, but in feeds and activitystreams 4 weeks ago
  Jan-Lukas Else afcbf69e7d Serve files in "static" folder 4 weeks ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 34807582dd Improvements for short urls 1 month ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 9da9e37f32 Short URLs 1 month ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 75a960e975 Update chi 1 month ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 6273c40b43 Some editor improvements 1 month ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 39e999acca Simplify webmention routing 1 month ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 4b3c61022b Add MIT license 1 month ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 1025a726ef Strict use of local dates 1 month ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 6256b2fdd9 Use ParseLocal method 1 month ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 68650a883e Don't send a cookie with every request 1 month ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 74d02b00bd Login form with JWT 1 month ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 04d2079111 Update markdown code a bit 1 month ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 21c117a869 Update dependencies 1 month ago
  Jan-Lukas Else c8df151c57 Add year and month archives 1 month ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 796470c067 Add file upload to editor 1 month ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 54a1f699b3 More fixes 1 month ago
  Jan-Lukas Else e8690c52e9 http router fixes 1 month ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 889ac94c8f Some CSS fixes 1 month ago
  Jan-Lukas Else 93f512dd40 Ellipsize long webmention titles 1 month ago
  Jan-Lukas Else eeb68dbba9 Add editor to create, update or delete posts 1 month ago