ActivityStreams for Hugo
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AcitivtyStreams support for Hugo

This is a Hugo module, you can use in Hugo, to generate ActivityStreams representations of posts.

How to use

You can use this module by adding it to your Hugo config (example of a YAML Hugo configuration file):

   # other imports ...
   # The hugo-activitystreams module:
   - path: git.jlel.se/jlelse/hugo-activitystreams

You also need to specify the custom output format activity for the kinds index and page. When you add a custom output format, you need to make sure to also include the default ones.

    - "html" # Default
    - "rss" # Default
    - "activity"
    - "html" # Default
    - "activity"

And finally (if you want to use use your website as an ActivityPub actor - middleware to do that with Hugo is coming soon...), you need to configure two params: inbox with the ActivityPub inbox URL and publickeypem with the PEM format of the public key of the key you use to sign activities.

  # Your other params...
  # ActivityPub params
    inbox: https://blog.example/activitypub/de/inbox
    publickeypem: -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----...


By default the ActivityPub actor has the IRI of the language-based homepage. Example:

  • Domain: jlelse.blog (a Hugo blog with two configured languages, default language "en")


This project is MIT licensed. See the license here.